Term Of Payment

Term Of Payment

The registration fees apply for (the 1st author of) all accepted papers


The Registration fee applies for 1 (one) paper under a 1st author, and  1 (one) additional papers are allowed with 60% charge of the registration fee under the same 1st author.


Accepted papers with more than 6 (six) pages will have an additional charge of USD30 (IDR 435.000) per page for up-to strictly 8 (eight) pages for each paper (payable at the conference)


Any accepted abstract for oral presentation is expected to have at least one author to attend and present the paper at the conference.


Accepted abstract which are not presented (“no-show” papers) will be terminated to be processed to the selected journal


Payment must be made in full amount. Any corresponding bank charges and transfer fee must be paid by the registrant


No refund will be made for registered participants who fail to turn up.